TeacherA brief update for those who have been wondering where all the posting went. I’ve begun my first year as a high-school teacher. So, I have been busy preparing daily lectures on the Ptolemies and Seleucids (for New Testament class), faith and reason (for Discipleship), God’s transcendence and immanence (for Worldview), teleological and deontological ethics (for Ethics), and Platonic vs. Aristotelean psychology (for Psychology). My schedule has been hectic, as I have to write lectures for all of these classes every day. I am planning on continuing this blog. My interests have not changed. When things become a bit more routine and second nature I’ll start posting regularly again. In the mean time I may find something substantial to ramble about here and there.

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  1. Tim Enloe Avatar
    Tim Enloe

    Wow, that’s quite a variety of classes. I’m doing 5 Latin and 1 History myself, all on the lower and junior high level, and that’s challenging enough, especially since for one reason or another there are 9 different levels of Latin proficiency in my classes and each has to have their own program tailor made. We don’t have a high school at the moment, but plans are in the works for one, and possibly a college too. That’s where I’d really like to be teaching.

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