Exclusion and Evangelism

I fear that many pastors today have fallen into the error of preaching the doctrines of grace theoretically instead of preaching them practically and using the truths of Scripture to draw men to Christ.  Instead of using the Bible as our instrument to draw men into fellowship with God, biblical doctrine has become our grounds to exclude those – even other believers – who disagree with us.  Instead of using the Scripture as the sword of the Spirit to conquer men for Christ, we spend our energies defending it, as if it were fragile and easily broken. (C. John Miller, Powerful Evangelism, 13)

Unity and Identity

We are brethren, let us also be colleagues.  What have we to do with the disgraceful titles of Remonstrants, Contra-Remonstrants, Calvinists, or Arminians?  We are Christians, let us also be like-minded.  We are one body, let us be also of one spirit. [Joseph Hall, Member of the British Delegation; from his sermon to the delegates at the Synod of Dort dated 19 Nov. 1618]