In eternal life the essence of God will be known by the blessed, not of course by the senses but by the soul or mind; as John says: “When he appears we shall see him as he is.” Paul affirms the same thing: “Now we see him through a glass darkly, but then face to face.” […] No one doubts that God sees us absolutely and essentially. But we should not persuade ourselves by this that the blessed will know the nature and substance of God completely and in all respects, but only according to our capacity.  For the finite cannot fully receive what is infinite.  Nor is the creature able to comprehend its creator totally and perfectly …. Thus it is given only to Christ, who is God, to know the essence of God perfectly and fully.  Others will also see it, buy only according to their capacity. (The Peter Martyr Vermigli Library, Vol. 4: Philosophical Works, pp. 148, 149)

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